New Phone Systems

Image Communication Wizards is your local dealer for the Avaya, Hybrex and Toshiba communication platforms.
Click the link or call us now to discus a system that not only suits your budget but will work for your business into the future.

Data Cabling

Image Communication Wizards are certified installers for many brands of cat5e, cat6 optical fibre cabling.
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Call Accounting Systems

Image Do you think you are paying rental on too many phone lines?
Are calls not being answered in a timely manner?
Do you have a call center that requires reports to evalute performance?
Has an expensive phone bill made it neccessary to monior who is making expensive phone calls?
Do you need to see who is using the phone when they shouldnt be?
Do you need a software tool that can evaluate the performance of staff and hardware and help reduce costs?
Do you need to know if your advertising campaign is reaching the right market. Analysis of incoming call regions can show who is calling and what number they are dialing.
If you have answered yes to any of the above, call us now about a software solution to put you back in control.

Reduce your Call Costs

There are many ways to reduce your monthly phone and data bills.
New technologies and service providers are able to help keep costs down by using SIP trunking, VoIP and and GSM gateways. It may also be that you are paying for services you dont need. Communication Wizards can do a complete system audit and provide recommendations that will lower your bill.

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